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Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

Thanks for your time to browse official website of Leoskins Furs. Here, you will be able to learn all related information on our business, products, activity and service, etc. Leoskin (Hong Kong) Limited, along with its branch in Mainland China, Tianjin Leoning International Trading Co., Ltd are registered in HK and Mainland China at the start of 2012. Our former business, Hengshui FurFarmers Fur Trading Co., Ltd will still be working for domestic market of China.
Leoskin Furs started from a family business with history of over 50 years. From the foundation of Chinese Republic, we have been carrying fur tanning and manufacturing of various Chinese origin articles. After many years of working experience and hard work of generations, the fur business, an old and traditional industry has been developed into a new and modern stage. At this time, Leoskin Furs, along with our associates, have become important suppliers of fur materials and products for the global fur and leather industry. In order for better, direct and profitable working relationships with global customers, from the start of year 2012, we have formed our new business presence in HK and Mainland.
With the coming new times, Leoskin Furs is committed to being your best partners for any of your fur needs. Our original status in the streamline of fur industry, experienced operation, skilled labor and techniques, along with genuine understanding about fur, fashion and high end market will bring you great benefits for your marketing and daily life. At last, thanks again for your visiting. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Yours sincerely Mr. Liu Ning - General Manager - Leoskin Furs

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