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Leoskin New Colors - for production of fashion and home furnishing industry - Calfskin 2013

Leoskin provide various colors and designs of calfskins to international customers in fashion and furnishing industries. Please refer to our new stock available for 2013 sales. For any other questions or information, please feel free to contact us again.

Item 01: Color of Calfskin - Dyed of Singe Color - Leaf Green
Item 02: Color of Calfskin - Printed of 2-tone Color - Tiger Skin
Item 03: Color of Calfskin - Printed of 2-tone - Grey Zebra
Item 04: Color of Calfskin - Printed of 3-tone - Panther Skin
Item 05: Color of Calfskin - Printed of 2-tone - Crocodile Skin

For detailed information and product photos, please refer to documents of Leoskin Colors 2013-Calfskin 2013-7-12

More colors following...

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