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Dear Friends and valued Customers,
Thanks for your time to read newsletter from LEOSKIN FURS. My name is Liu Ning, manage of LEOSKIN FURS and we would like to take this opportunity to have you obtain a better understanding about the quality products and service from us. All of these efforts are just to meet your various and ultimate needs for quality fur materials and products.
LEOSKIN FURS, formed by LEOSKIN (HONG KONG) LIMITED, BEIJING LIUNING INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD and OOO LIU NING is a fur group based in Mainland China and Russia. We have our own tannery and manufacturing facilities in Northern China. With experienced fur professionals and staff, our business activities cover four key sectors as below: (1) Supply of fur skins and plates with Chinese origin mainly to professional furriers globally; (2) Customized production of?Fur collars and trimmings, etc to manufacturers of fur, leather and fashion goods; (3) OEM production of various fur clothing, accessories and?home decor products?to dealers and individual consumers; (4) Marketing of dressed fur skins and patches with abroad origins on Chinese markets.
Our business activities started from pelts sourcing, skin dressing and tanning, fur dyeing and coloring, semi-finished and finished products manufacturing until distribution in form of wholesale and retail sales over international market. LEOSKIN FURS, with its original status over industry streamline will give you universal advantages in product quality and reasonable prices in the most competitive market.
With the start of new 2017-2018 season, LEOSKIN FURS are committed to being your close and long-term partners/suppliers. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions. Your can also visit our websites or other links at the bottom of this email. Finally, please refer to our first price list in attachment for fur skins and plates offered from us. We would like to provide accurate FOB/CFR prices after knowing your required order size, destination, shipping options, etc.
Thanks for your time and hope for a great start for our potential cooperation in new time.
Sincerely and best regards
Mr. Liu Ning - General Manager

Product List of Fur Skins and Plates from Leoskin Furs
Regular, 2018-1-1



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