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With years of working history and first-hand expeirience in fur industry, Leoskin are more specialized and skilled in sectors and fur products as below. (1) Fur Materials: Skins and Plates (2) Fur Semi-Finished Products: Collars and Trimmings (3) Fur Finished Products: Fur Fashion and Decor Products, (4) Fur Tanning, Dyeing and Manufacturing Service.

Group 1/4: Fur Materials - Skins and Plates
Leoskin Furs supply high quality fur materials to international manufacturers of fur, leather, fashion and home furnishing products. Our product categories include: (1) fur skins (2) trimmed fur skins (3) fur full-skin plates (4) fur scrap plates (5) fur tails and scraps (6) double-face fur skins (7) double-face fur full skin plates, etc. We have listed all fur items we deal with as above.

Furs - Regular Furs - Irregular
Furs - Exotic Furs - Others

Group 2/4: Fur Semi-Finished Products
Leoskin is skilled to manufacturing all kinds of semi-finished fur products for fur, leather and fashion industries. Products categories incluide: (1) fur collars (2) fur trimmings, etc. For the most accurate design and the best effects, please contact us with your clear requirements.


Group 3/4: Fur Finished Products
Leoskin also manufacture various finished fur products. Please refer to our on-line store for general information. Here is the list of finished fur products from Leoskin. Leoskin also do customized orders for customers after knowing your clear and accurate requirements on sizes, fur, colors, designs, styles, etc.

Group 4/4: Fur Finished Products
Leoskin provide service to dealers in fur and leather industry. Main service from us include regular and various customized works as below:


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