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LEOSKIN, which was formed by LEOSKIN (HONG KONG) LIMITED, BEIJING LIUNING INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD and OOO LIUNING in Russia, is a fur group based in Mainland China and Russia. We work as comprehensive fur business group in Northern China. Collaborating with top artists and designers, LEOSKIN FURS supply high quality, standard fur materials and products to globally professional furriers, manufacturers of fur, leather and fashion products, home decoration and crafts dealers worldwide.

LEOSKIN FURS have professional and experienced work teams which are responsible for quality works of each step. We contribute great efforts to international fur industry and individual consumers.

After sourcing period, tanning work was fulfilled at our tannery with strict quality control. Environmental tanning standards are applied for products up to EU standards. All products offered from us are healthy and free of harms on environment and human beings. LEOSKIN FURS are also specialized in further professing. Being pursuit with international fashion trend, we keep inventing out new models, styles and fashions designs. We take all possible measures to help our customers realize their unique fashion ideas.

With years of accumulating of experiences, skills and knowledge, we are closer to the top fashion trend and turn into the leadership of the international fur world. Currently, LEOSKIN FURS are also involved in the work of furs from Russia, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In order to providing our excellent products and service to international customers with lower cost, higher speed and no middle steps, we are stepping out of China and getting more close to you. In the year of 2014, another symbol was marked in our history with the register of our trademark ¡°LEOSKIN¡±. Also, in the year of 2016, we set up our direct sales office in Saint-Petersburg of Russia. With times going on, LEOSKIN FURS are promoting our high quality products and conceptions internationally and a better brand recognition with us will be enhanced in our customers¡¯ heart.


  1. Fur Materials: Supply of fur skins and plates with Chinese and Russian origin mainly to professional furriers.
  2. Fur Semi-Finished: Customized production of Fur collars and trimmings, etc to manufacturers of fur, leather and fashion factories.
  3. Fur Finished: OEM production of various fur fashion and accessories, home decor products to dealers of related products and individual consumers.
  4. Trading: Marketing of dressed fur skins and patches with abroad origins on Chinese markets.


    Fur products :

    • Fur coats and jackets
    • Fur vests and shrugs
    • Fur headwears
    • Fur scarves and shawls
    • Fur footwears
    • Fur gloves and mittens
    • Fur handbags
    • Fur blankets and rugs
    • Fur pillows and cushions
    • Fur toys

    Fur materials:

    • Spanish rabbit furs
    • Chinese rabbit furs
    • Rex rabbit furs
    • Tibet lamb furs
    • Long hair goat furs
    • Cashmere goat furs
    • Goat furs
    • Kid goat furs
    • Xianggao lamb furs
    • Tientsin lamb furs
    • Kalgan lamb furs
    • Baby lamb furs
    • Sheepskin furs
    • Raccoon furs
    • Blue fox furs
    • Arctic fox furs
    • Silver fox furs
    • Blue frost fox furs
    • Red fox furs
    • Mink furs


  1. For more information, please refer to official website of LEOSKIN FURS:
  2. All products listed are of grade A+, A, B and C for various production purposes of customers in Europe, America, East Asia, Oceania and Russia.
  3. With continuous market changes, please contact us for in-time price updates and stock availability.
  4. Contact us for accurate quotations with detailed requirements on product details, order size, destination and shipping options, etc.
  5. Wholesale prices provided for continuous and long-term buyers. Customized production offered with special designs and requirements from customers.
  6. Regular order loading port: Beijing (air shipping), Tianjin (sea shipping), Beijing or Hengshui (couriers). Destination: worldwide.
  7. Door-to-Door service ready for worldwide buyers.? Delivery time: depends on product specifications and order size, normally 2-3 weeks from banks confirm to shipment made out of China.
  8. Distribution and stock available in China, Russia and United States.

Address: No. 2 of Kangning Yili, North of Entertainment Square, Zaoquang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, P.R. China (053100)
Tel: +86 318 822 4989 Fax: +86 318 822 5466 Web: Email: